If your marketing isn't working, how will people know who you are?

& (more importantly) how will they know that YOU have the solution to their 🔥🔥 problem?

If the thought of marketing absolutely exhausts you or fills you with dread, unless you're ready to give up, you need to change the way you manage your marketing. Like yesterday, TBH.

Sounds cool. I'm in!

Marketing has gotten really, really COMPLICATED , IMHO...

On Monday, Facebook changed its algorithm for the 745,892nd time. Ad managers are losing their minds all over Instagram.

At 3 pm on Tuesday, your iPhone 12 Pro needs its 7th update. This week. Which means you'll end up logged out of your YouTube channel...but you can't remember if you saved that video you were captioning...damn it!

Wednesday that one TikTok you made 18 months ago suddenly goes viral and you wake up to 6,000 new followers - not a single one who is your "ideal client," and while you're simultaneously outlining the blog post (because once you've gone viral, you can totally teach everyone else...waaaaaaait.), and writing the video scripts for the TikTok about your TikTok, the IG Story about it, the LinkedIn Live you've promised to deliver...

On the way to your kid's school to drop off their other shoe Thursday afternoon (I give up.), you realize you can turn this moment into a teaching moment for your channels..and you wonder if it would be okay to repurpose a *gasp* watermarked TikTok to Instagram or if it will tank your reach. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

You "go live" on 3 different channels at the same time on Friday by using your phone, computer, and tablet. Have you actually cracked the code?! HOLY SH&#.

WHY do we do this to ourselves!?

If anyone told you that was how they spent their day...you'd look at them a little differently. And yet...we're alllllll doing it.

It's almost become a status symbol.

*deep, cleansing breath*

You do not need to do more. You do not need to be everywhere on social. You do not need to have a website. *GASP* Unclutch your pearls, Stacey.

Truth time: until very recently, I didn't have a website (8+ years in biz + website + $6Fig Income). Things that make you go hmmmmm.

You do need a simple strategy that works (and does not make you want to bang your head against the wall in frustration) & cultivates relationships with your future clients.

Marketing is not about you (& it never will be)

The 5-Day Business Accelerator Challenge

Finally Figure Out How to Actually Create a Super Simple Strategy.

Seriously. Why is it that we can find time for 17 "discovery" calls a week, but can't find time to work on improving our business' systems and methods? Drives me nuts.

Creating Killer Content

Learn what you need to do to truly stand out (in a good way) so that your future client's see your Batsignal no matter where they are (Christian Bale will always be my Batman. The end.).

Their Thoughts To Your Content

How your audience thinks is incredibly important. The best way to get in their head (short of being psychic) is to hop on the 'Gram (or the 'Book. Or LinkedIn...) and start reading.

Track Your Time & Your Metrics

You can justify hours & hours perfecting one teensy thing when it's for a client...but when it's for you? Take a good, long look at where your time is being spent (and steal some back!)

Become Content Repurposing Royalty

When your content takes off, it's not just exciting, it's your followers giving you a standing ovation. Learn when it's smart to repurpose things (and when it isn't).

*SHRUG* I'm In!