Focused Mastermind

If you're ready to stop jumping from strategy to strategy hoping something sticks, you don't want to miss this exclusive two-day immersive mastermind. We'll cover everything from SEO to marketing strategies so that you can create a strategy that works for YOU - and your business.

Tired of attending events,
just to be pitch-slapped?

Us, too. That's why we've created an intimate mastermind experience just for you.
Over the course of two impactful days, we'll walk you through
marketing strategies that work with some of the top names in the industry
in a small group setting off no more than 10 business owners.


The Focused Mastermind

July 15th & 16th, 2022 in Phoenix, AZ


Your Hosts


Copywriter & Marketing Strategist


SEO & Communication Expert

Breanna and Christine have more than 19 years of business-building experience between them. They've helped their clients scale everything from blogs to courses to membership to brick and mortar businesses. 

Christine's specialty is helping bloggers scale to a million page views and beyond, without losing focus or adding more hours. She's a wizard when it comes to organization (she even created her own planner!)

Breanna's specialty is helping entrepreneurs build the business that they really want, and filter out the noise. Launches? She's headed up multiple 6- and 7-figure course launches. Memberships? She's helped build those, too.

These two want you to love your business and have a life

Plus Subject Matter Experts


Print Marketing


Email Marketing



Social Media


That's why we've planned a weekend getaway with an opportunity to spend two days working on your business with girls who get it. You'll receive a bundle of marketing genius - all tailored to your biz, including:

  • Community Building 101 (a $2000 value)
  • Marketing Your Biz (a $2000 value)
  • Navigating and building your funnel (a $2500 value)
  • Q4 Content strategy (a $2500 value)
  • Mindset Mastery Roundtable (a $2000 value)

That's a total value of $11,000.
And you get it ALL (yup, even free coffee)

for just one payment of $999.

Boss Babes Supporting
Boss Babes

Most "masterminds" that you'll find involve you sitting in a room, listening to the "host" talk your ear off. You spend more time doubting your business model and less time actually doing things that will get YOUR unique business to the next level. We're about to flip the script, ladies. 

A Unique

FOCUS is unlike any "mastermind" you've ever attended. We will be helping and supporting each other. 

Regardless of where you are in your business, we can help you expand, grow, and build something incredible. 

The Learn Then Do Method

The mastermind is designed to build your understanding and know-how through practical application of the methodologies in conversion marketing - the same methodologies we have used to rapidly grow our own businesses.









How to Increase Your Website Traffic

Chris Jerry is an SEO and website Wizardess (yes, really) - with more than a decade of experience, she is going to share exactly how to rank for the right keywords, what SEO really means for your business and how you can leverage blogging for growth.

Funnels That Convert

Converting viewers, website visitors, and social media followers into leads is essential to growing your business. Brea Gunn has more than a decade of experience building funnels that convert, and she's going to teach you exactly how to build your funnel so that you can more easily convert your dream clients through multiple methods, including email, social media, and print.

Mindset Mastery

Learn how our experts upleveled their mindset, shifted their businesses, started over (again), and came out smiling. We have tips and tricks to help you create the business that you dream of.

Build a Thriving Community

Building a community that supports you and empowers you is crucial if you want to scale your business, which is why Tyler Skinner is going to share tools and techniques for building a thriving community that cultivates raving fans that turn into customers.

Leveraging Your Marketing

Whether you want to get on stage, travel the world, create your magazine, or increase your conversions - you can't grow without understanding how to pitch yourself. Lea Woodford is a marketing genius who is going to share insider tips and tricks to increase your visibility.

Are you ready?

Join us for 2 days of top-notch education, marketing assistance, and community - there are only 7 seats left, so don't wait!

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Raving Fans

"The transformation in my business is incredible. I now have incredible focus and achievable goals which is entirely thanks to Christine. She is phenomenal. The transition from floundering and struggling each day with all my tasks and ever-growing to-do list, to suddenly having measurable short, medium, and long-term goals have been a breath of fresh air. Christine has helped me beyond belief." - Libby Jenkinson

"I have made the most progress in my business in my time working with Brea than in the last 3 years combined. Not only have we created a well-oiled machine for serving my audience, people so dear to my heart, but we have a solid plan for big things in the next 12 months." - Kirsty Briscoe

"I have worked with Christine for some time now and she's absolutely amazing. I wouldn't know what to do without her - she's an integral part of my team. Christine is dependable, passionate, caring, talented, and knowledgeable. Christine stands above the rest because she doesn’t just work; she pours her heart into everything she does." - Erika Bragdon

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this mastermind benefit me?

This mastermind will benefit anyone who wants to improve their understanding and real-world application of digital and conversion marketing strategies and skills. It’s especially useful for marketing consultants, information marketers, and anyone who wants to generate more visitors, leads, sales and repeat customers using online assets, channels, and networks.

Where will I sleep?

We've secured a room block (YAY discounts!) at the gorgeous Embassy Suites in Phoenix - we'll email you the exact location once you purchase your ticket.

How Much Does The Mastermind Cost?

You pay a one-time fee of $999 for the mastermind.

Are meals included?

Your breakfast and lunch are included in the price of your ticket. Oh, and copious amounts of coffee. Because we're caffeinated.

What if I suddenly can't come?

While your ticket is non-refundable we'll do our best to help you find someone to purchase it from you.

Which airport should I fly into?

You'll want to fly into Phoenix Sky Harbor.