Your Sales Page Is The Linchpin Of Your Conversion Strategy.

You Know You Can’t Half-Ass It... But You’re Not Ready To Pay For a Pro (That's $$$!).

Yep, this is a sales page about how to create your own high-converting sales page. No pressure, right?


Raise your hand if you're totally freaking out right now because you don’t know how you could possibly write a whole page (of sales copy!) all on your own.

Now take that same hand and pat yourself on the back.

I'll wait 😉

'Cause here's the thing - you have 2 options:

Option 1: Hire a pro (TBH, even without a "rush fee," paying a pro (who specializes in sales copy (Hey there!!)) & actually understands how to use sales psychology to create conversions is not cheap. I charge $3K MINIMUM for a sales page that needs to be delivered in under a week. If you can wait a bit longer (like a month), you'll spend less, but you're still looking at a solid 4-figure investment).

...don't freak out yet. There's still...

Option 2: DIY this ish.

Since you're still here, I'm gonna assume that we're going with #2, K?

'Cause you're smart. Smart enough to know that you can write a sales page. & smart enough to know that you have absolutely no idea how to make sure that your readers actually see your offer as the solution they've been dreaming of.

You're also a teensy bit stuck trying to figure out how to sell and not sound like a used car salesperson.

And that "sales psychology" stuff...ummmm...

You need a template. And maybe (definitely) a workbook (trust me).


The High-Converting $ale$ Page Template (+ Workbook!)

Imagine a template that tells you exactly what you need to write, and in what order, to create the sales page of your dreams. I've written, reviewed, and audited thousands of sales pages over the years - and the ones that convert?

Those sales pages make all the $$$ because they all leverage 10 high-converting, easy-to-understand content sections.

Coincidentally, that is exactly what's inside The High Converting $ale$ Page Template (+ Workbook!) - each section contains the necessary tips, guidance, and real-world examples so that you can finally get the stuff (benefits) that matters in front of your reader, explain it in a way that they actually understand & identify with, and have them nodding along like they're listening to 'Lose Yourself' by Eminem as they click that "buy" button.

But that's not going to make that damn blinking cursor stop blinking and start running across the page.

For that, you need examples & some insight (from someone like yours truly!).


Hi! I'm Brea.

Yes, like the cheese *shrugs*. I'm a messaging strategist & conversion copywriter who is passionate about creating content that makes your dream clients raise their hands to work with you (like they’re at a Bon Jovi concert). While I excelled at some seriously soul-crushing sales jobs in my 20s (cell phones & used cars, anyone?), I knew I needed to figure out how to sell stuff without feeling like I was also selling my soul. So, with nearly 2 decades of copywriting experience + well over a decade in actual face-to-face and virtual sales, I answered an online "copywriter wanted" ad & dove into the online space (WAAAAAAY before it was “cool”).

I passionately support coaches, consultants, & service-based business owners create organic marketing & messaging; & I'm directly responsible for generating more than $10Mil in revenue for my clients.

I need your sales page template, stat!

I can hear you asking...but what if I suck at writing?

Wanna know a secret? You (probably) don't really "suck" at writing - you just haven't found a way to put words on a page in an order that works (and leads to sales)...yet.

That's why I've eliminated the guesswork - the sales page template (+ workbook!) will help you write a high-converting sales page, one section at a time.

You'll be able to see your progress in real time, which means...

No more whitespace. No more blinking cursor (with a totally personal vendetta against you). No more "writer's block."

& no more wishing you'd asked for help sooner ('cause the cart is opening next week! AAAAAAAAH!).

I asked hundreds of business owners what would be helpful in case they needed to write their own sales page (ya know, 'cause sometimes things sneak up on you).

They told me they wanted:

  • A simple, easy-to-follow, & easy-to-implement template
  • Examples of "real world" sales page language
  • Step-by-step how-tos, tips, and hints to make their page really sizzle
  • A clearly outlined "order of operations" (so that all the different components (remember those 10 sections?) not only make sense but naturally & effectively lead readers toward the one thing that everyone wants: for them to click that button and buy your stuff.

So I created...


You've got enough on your plate running your business and serving your people - you're not asking for a're asking for an expert (that's me!) to show you what you need to write, how to phrase it, and what order it should appear on the page.

❌ No more guessing.

❌ No more staring at a blank Google Doc (that is literally the worst!).

❌ No more crossed fingers or "spray and pray" methodology.

You do not have time for that.

What are you gonna do with all of the time you're gonna save?

Finally watch Yellowstone (10/10, btw. And if anyone wants to send me a shirt with the Train Station on it, I would not be mad.)?

Create another game-changing product or program?

Clean out your "high school" clothes bin (please tell me it's not just me!)?

Start that podcast you've been meaning to work on for the past couple years?

Hop on a couple of "extra" discovery sessions (and sign a 1:1 client or 3)?

Totally honest...what you do with all the time you'll have because you finished your sales page in a couple of hours (instead of days, weeks, months, or not at all...) absolutely will include not stressing or worrying or freaking out that you did it all by yourself.

I mean, they seem to really like me...

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

WOW!  Working with Brea was amazing.  Not only did she come highly recommended, but when I called her with my needs for our 5-Day Challenge, she completely OVER-DELIVERED.  She was able to write the e-mail copy and our landing pages as if, it were my voice. 

She has such an amazing approach, upbeat, personable, knowledgeable, and flat-out amazing.  With Brea’s recommendations, our landing pages are converting better than the industry average.  Brea IS our go-to person.  I highly recommend her and will continue to use her services.

Kimberly Seale

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Breanna has been my right-hand gal helping me organize my business. Moolah would not be the company it is today if it weren’t for her helping create the foundations. With her on my team we have seen the businesses we help, just explode in their reach, and our profits have increased by more than 300% with that increase directly correlated to tasks and projects Breanna managed.

Breanna Gunn was instrumental in helping me build my business into the seven figures. She is not lying when she says she has done it, and I can’t wait to see all the other businesses she will whip into shape.

Rachel Miller

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

She created very value-added and friendly communication pieces for me to be able help people the most.

The finished result is well-designed, looks fantastic, and will be relevant and useful for a long time.

It is also an excellent way for me to build additional funnels and flows into it, and has taught me how to approach building other funnels myself.

She has built a fantastic, well-designed, user-focused funnel that has given me so much more value to help my own business grow.

I would highly recommend working with Brea, regardless of what stage you’re at in your business.

Laura Ward



PSSST!!! You can press it. It's right down there 👇 I won't tell a soul. SHHHHHH.

Get ready for allllllllll of this:

Save Time (& Most Importantly, $$$).

A professionally written, conversion-centric sales page is gonna set you back $$$$. Most of the sales copywriters that I know (including me) need at least 7-14 days to create a first draft (that's not including editing time when you want something shifted or changed). So, if you need a sales page this month? ...good luck.

Step-by-Step Instructions (for Every.Single.Section.)

If you want to learn how to, I don't know, rollerskate, you don't magically know how to start, stop, or turn (not to mention skating backward!) - you need to learn the basics. You need instructions. This may be surprising, but your sales page is no different, which is why I've laid out exactly what you need to do, & where it goes on your page.

Kiss Writer's Block Buh-Bye (Blinking Cursor Be Gone!)

Imagine having an expert tell you exactly what to write as you work on your sales page. And they've included things like logic, intent, & sales psychology that will sell your programs or products or widgets or whatever. Each and every one of the 10 content sections contains instructions (the how & why) + a real-world example (so you have something to model as you work).

Keep Your Readers Interested, Engaged, & Nodding Along.

We humans make purchasing decisions largely based on emotion - & I'm going to teach you exactly how to help your reader get really excited about YOU & your offer fast. You'll tap into the benefits of your offer & (brilliantly) showcase your transformation (one that your readers want). This means they will immediately (1) understand, (2) get excited (like "WHOA, calm down, Taylor"-level excited), & (3) click the button (to send you that lovely little ping that indicates you've made a sale.

Create FOMO Without Using Sleazy, Slimy, Bro-Marketing Tactics to Sell.

No one wants to see you cliff diving or have a tour of your (obviously) rented mansion, BOB. Unless you sell mansions...hmmmmmm. We've all fallen prey to those shiny ads, slick emails, and slip-n-slide sales pages that promise the moon, but don't actually deliver on that promise. Inside my Template (+ Workbook), I'll show you how to leverage scarcity (in case your cart actually does close), and what to do if your offer is "evergreen" and always available for purchase. And you will NOT need to shower with steel wool when you're done writing it.

Still Got Questions?

Q: How will I access the Template?

It's actually really easy, my friend!! Just click any one of the buttons on this page (there are a LOT, and they're all orange), & enter your payment info + your best email address. Once your payment clears, your Template (+ Workbook) will be whizzing its way toward your inbox (so please, save us both a lot of back-and-forth and do not use the email you use for promos/etc.). TIA!

Q: Is there support available? Like if I get stuck?

Oh my gosh, always!! You can post any questions that you have about your Template & the writing process right in my Facebook Group.

Q: What if I don't get any sales?

It sucks, but it happens (a lot more than you'd guess with the popularity of the "5K in a day" posts lately) - and it's (usually) totally fixable. First, ask yourself if you've successfully sold your offer before (even as a beta). And no, asking your biz bestie to go through and "check it out" does not count. If you have and your sales weren't where you were hoping, ask yourself how long its been since you last promoted something - you could be "piggy-backing" and your list (like your mom) needs a "freaking minute to chill," or you still have some trust-building to do.

If you've never ever ever sold your product, selling 0 doesn't feel good, but it means you need to dig in and do some market research (I have a course that can help...) - once you've talked to your fans, and figured out their frustrations & pain points, go back, adjust your copy and try again.

+ you can always hit me up on Insta and ask me to take a look at your page. I'm happy to help!

Q: What if I change my mind?

Because the Template (+ Workbook) is an instant download that is emailed directly into your inbox as soon as you purchase, I cannot offer refunds for this product.

Ready for a recap?

You get your very own PDF download, which will be emailed to the email address you enter at checkout. That PDF includes all 10 of the must-have sales page sections for a high-converting sales page. You also receive a quick-and-easy overview of those same 10 sections + every single section has room (and tips) to help you create your highest-converting sales page yet. The PDF is totally printable, and you can use it over and over and over again for whatever products you want to sell. Yes, really.

That means you'll...

☑️ save $$$$, without sacrificing quality

☑️ actually have time to work on something (anything) else (like creating your next awesome product)

☑️ finish your sales page (FINALLY!)

☑️ establish & build trust that turns into dolla bills

Stop wasting time & money on paid ads and "done for you" solutions that don't work.

So, go that "easy button," friend. 👇 Your sales page won't write itself 😉