You are not alone. In fact, this is why 8 out of 10 small businesses fail. 

You believed that because you were so qualified to do the WORK, that you were also totally qualified to run a business that does that kind of work. 

But you're not.

And that, my friend, is a huge liability.

  • Your dream of owning a business has become a private nightmare. 
  • You're constantly overwhelmed, your assistants are lost (if you even have an assistant at all), and you have no idea what happened. 
  • You've started to think about going back to "before" - before you got bitten by the entreprenuerial bug. 
  • You're SO TIRED of hearing people talk about working ON your business and not IN your business.

And don't even mention marketing, finding clients, or paying the bills.  

Clearly, something has to change. 

You've invested everything you have in this business...and you're very, very close to failing.

It's time to tailor your business so that you can be the BUSINESS OWNER you want to be.

The next Mastermind kicks off on the January 4th, 2021.  

If you're ready to step into being an owner and stop being an employee, you cannot afford to wait. 

  • You're tired of being overwhelmed and exhausted.
  • You need help - and not just to take some of your workload.
  • You turned your love into a job, and you're miserable.
  • You have NO idea where to begin to fix the problem, and you're not sure who can help.
  • You need a business plan.
  • You need systems.
  • You need structure.
  • You need someone who actually understands business processes.

You need to (re)learn what it means to be an entrepreneur. You need to tailor your business. 


  • Your business has ceased to be about your skills and your passions. 
  • It's become all about the work.
  • You used to love what you do, but you're on a fast road to burn out.
  • You take on too many contracts and clients because you have to pay the bills.


I know you love what you do. But if you stop to think about it for a hate the thought of taking on more clients. 

The worst part is that on the outside, everything's fine. 

And you don't even remember why you thought this was a good idea in the first place.

We will help you tailor your business so that you can be the Entrepreneur you want to be.

The next Mastermind kicks off on the January 4th, 2021.  

I Created the Tailor Your Business Mastermind Just For You, My Friend.

We're going to spend the next 6 months creating the foundations and structure of your business, starting January 4, 2021.

In short, you need a business strategy, and together we'll create a tailor-made strategy just for you using:

  • The actual systems and processes that I use in my own business and for my 1:1 clients
  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • A private, tailor-made Facebook group to track your progress and ask questions along the way

For just one month, we'll focus on your business, your marketing, and a key process or system that will help you keep moving forward. 

In addition, you'll get individual hot seats each month, so you'll have support when and how you need it. 

Your Marketing Strategy

You've been working so hard to keep your business going that you're either packed with clients and serving them or you're one client away from starvation - we'll take a look at your markeing strategy and help you develop systems that work to funnel clients into your business consistetly - so that you can break the feast or famine cycle once and for all. 

Your Business Strategy & Strategic Objectives

We'll spend the first month creating your business plan. A business plan gives your business direction, defines your objectives, maps out strategies to achieve your goals and helps you to manage possible bumps in the road. Preparing a business plan will help you work out the goals you want to achieve, and the strategies to achieve them.

Once you've developed your business strategy, you'll need to create strategic objectives. Strategic objectives are long-term organizational goals that help to convert a mission statement from a broad vision into more specific plans and projects, and trust me, you need them.

Your Operating Strategy

Next up we'll tackle your operating procedulres. 

A standard operating procedure (SOP) is a set of step-by-step instructions to help your employees or contractors execute your day-to-day operations. SOPs aim to achieve efficiency, quality output, and uniformity of performance, while reducing miscommunication and overwhelm.

Your Management Strategy  

Once you've nailed your SOPs, you need to know how to manage a team, even if you don't have one right now. 

Your management strategy will include strategies for leadership, administration and business execution. 

Your People Strategy

You need to master the people process, for both your employees and contractors and your customers.

You can design and react to customer interactions to meet or exceed customer expectations and, thus, increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and referrals. Without understanding your customer process, it becomes an uphill battle to grow your customer base. 

The same applies to your employees and contractors - you need to command loyalty, and be a total joy to work for so that they want to work with your company long term. 

Your Systems Strategy  

This is where it all comes together, while we'll be putting your systems in place each month as you create them, this is where the rubber meets the road. 

Testing your systems inside your business helps you identify weak points, get more clear, and feel more in control.  


You'll get THREE 30-minute 1:1 coaching sessions*:

  • A welcome call
  • At 3 months
  • At 6 months

*These calls are in addition to our weekly group coaching calls and the private Facebook Group.

AND, you'll get to jump into the current group of amazing business owners, so that you can make shifts and scale FASTER. That means that you don't have to wait until February for some serious business guidance. 

The investment for this Mastermind is currently only $444 per month - that's less than $150 per week. 

Hi, Friend. I'm Brea.

I am so excited that you're here. 

I've been helping entreprenurs like you tailor boutique businesses for nearly 10 years. 

I know first hand how hard it is to be the Entrepreneur, the Manager, and the Technician in your business, which is why I am passionate about helping you tailor systems that work for you and your vision and allow you to finally have a business that doesn't burn you out. 

As someone who has helped entrepreneurs go from overwhelmed to overjoyed through systems (yes, it's really possible), I want you to know that you can totally do this. 

"Breanna Gunn was instrumental in helping me build my business into the seven figures. She is not lying when she says she has done it and I can't wait to see all the other businesses she will whip into shape. Brea has a great gift of bringing people from the edge of awesome into a full-fledged business! Our profits have increased by more than 300% with that increase directly correlated to working with Brea." - Rachel Miller

"I have made the most progress in my business in my time working with Brea than in the last 3 years combined. Not only have we created a well-oiled machine for serving my audience, people so dear to my heart, but we have a solid plan for big things in the next 12 months." - Kirsty Briscoe

"Working with Brea felt like having someone on my side all the time - to not only cheer me on, but keep me accountable at all times. The most valuable aspect of having Brea as my own personal business coach were the BIG insights it got me - about myself, my business, working with clients, and the world of online business in general.

"I'm glad to have you in my life Brea, here's to many more years of that!" - Sandrine Coosemans

The investment for this Mastermind is currently only $444 per month, but only for the first 10 people.